Symbolic Unique Tribe Style Bracelets

The first symbolic bracelets were worn by Babylonians, Assyrians, Hittites and Persians. Our ancestors used bracelets carved with symbols as protection from evil spirits and bad luck. Nowadays people mostly use them for fashion and style purpose to look more beautiful or express your style. Both reasons are desirable, in this category our bracelets have both characteristics, bracelets are mainly used to express your style and inner wildness but also as an amulet for protection and influence happiness.

Bracelets can be worn each day or for specific or special occasion or thematic event. Find your bracelet with your suited needs and protection carvings look fabulous and have good luck protection.

Symbolic bracelets and bangles makes a fabulous gift for any occurrence. For protection symbolic purpose for exams or other competition and audition, or travelling or as gift to show your best feelings which can represent symbolic meaning for celebrations. Like wedding gift bracelet or graduation bangle.  The symbols means much more if we add value as a giving person to person for our relatives and friends.

Bracelet and Bangles Materials

Bracelets and Bangles are made from element materials as our ancestors made these bracelets from what they had as main materials feather, wood, metal leather. Such as: metal with beautiful carvings, wood with beads like Buddhist style, twisted leather handmade, plated sacred metals as gold warm symbol or silver cool moon symbol.

It is believed that carved symbolic bracelets pass the magical power to person wearing it.