Unique Ethnic Style Necklaces and Pendants

Necklaces and Pendants are in top of fashion spotlight from ancient times till nowadays. In ancient times Tribes used necklaces not just as fashion or adornment symbol but for showing who is in power and their hierarchy level.  Also as amulets for protection from evil spirits. Statement necklace was mostly used by leaders with high influential power.  There are many symbols and characters from natural world giving not only the pretty look but working as charms, amulets and talismans.

There are four main types of necklaces and pendants

Amulets are objects believed to possess spiritual and magical power transferring protection to the wearer. Most common protection from danger and evil spirits also as dispel of evil influences.

Talisman differs with amulet. Amulet is used not just for protection but to give magical powers to wearer.

Locket mostly some form of pendant in common used as memorial or charm.

Medallion often coin type mostly used as gifts or awards for special occasions.

Feel the Power of the Symbolic Necklace

The best necklace for you is which you like from the first glance because the main reason is to feel well and confident wearing it. Wild Tribe Style Necklaces and pendants are unique and fabulous helping you to feel good by wearing it, so what you need to choose what you most like from a first glance.

There are many types of necklaces and pendants suited for everyday wear, using necklaces to look fabulous each work day and have magic protection. As there is many pendant and necklaces carved symbolic for special occasions as wedding party, graduation ceremony, birthday etc.

Materials from Natural Nature

Most of necklaces has value as amulet or talisman. Necklaces made from various metals, wood, stone, gems, feather and other elemental material. Pendants made from nature elements mostly with carved symbolic or talisman. In this category you can find choker necklaces in top of the fashion world used by actors and pop stars.