Exotic Carved Rings

People admiring your personality, style and soul matching with style and personality. These three main characteristics that depends your success in life our goal is to help you find and create soul matching style. Tribe style Rings as we hope helps people release their inner soul to the outside matching with your personality to achieve success and fullness in life.

In different cultures from ancient times wearing a Ring was known as high status in power. Most known as power and style symbol. There are many ways to wear a ring on left or right hand on chosen finger wearing styles differs in cultures. Like wearings a ring on Pinky finger is showing statement like. Wearing a ring on it is most associated with intelligence and persuasion also in element symbolism it represents Mercury. Wild Tribe Style Rings can be worn at any hand on any finger you just need to choose matching size. Most of the rings are from metal alloy silver plated. When it comes to choosing you should depend on your soul liking not the mind, but if you have both it is a way to go.

Ancient Rings Symbolism Egyptian Roman Tribe Rings

Throughout times in history rings symbolism used mostly as power recreation, hierarchy status, eternity, statement, representation of magic, idea fulfillment etc. Nowadays most common use commitment or present to a friend or engagement. Ancient Egyptians started Ring fashion by waving papyrus into narrow bands as a symbol of eternity. Egyptian man also used this ring for death lasting engagement known as immortal love. Romans started creating rings from leather and bone later from iron. Known as first who started carving and engraving rings.

How many Rings can I wear on hand?

First it depends on rings size. For man it is common one ring per finger with one or two spread out across both hands is nearly a maximum. Women can wear two rings per finger with one spread out across both hands when talking about smaller rings. Our catalog has ring sets customized for full hand style. Tribe ring set with smaller and bigger rings for expressing your style is good choice.