Ear and Body Piercings

The body piercing is trendy and trending in 21st century, ear lobe gauging or stretching in recent years are becoming more popular. Additionally, the nipple piercing and septum piercing are considered highest fashion. Piercings does modification on your body it is a practice of puncturing human body mostly ear creating an opening for jewelry to be worn. Body piercing is known from ancient time Tribes practiced by woman and man. African and American Tribe cultures were first  to start lip and tongue piercings. Ancient Rome culture was one of the first who started nipple piercing. Genital piercing was started in Ancient India. People pierce for spiritual or religious reasons or self expression. Others pierce for sexual pleasure or to rebel against values or conform them. In Tlingit Tribe it was believed that Ear Piercings were signs of wealth and nobility. The Aztecs and Mayans Tribes used nose piercing to symbolize wealth and virility. Tongue piercing was gladly practiced by Tlingit, Fakirs, Olmec, Sufis, Haida,  Mayan, Kwakiutl and Aztec cultures as nobility symbol through rituals. Ancient India used genital piercing to permit sexual enhancement by inserting pins and other objects into foreskin of the penis.

Natural Ear plugs

In this category you can find ear plugs and gauges as tunnel plugs. Look through the catalog and find your style regarding needs, unleash your wild style try the ancient fashion that is in top of fashion world. Piercings and Plugs can be chosen to highlight special areas of the body. Materials used to make piercings are titanium or stainless steel are hypoallergenic.