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I had used everything under the sun for my skin, grocery store products to high-end spa products.  Once I started using R+F just about 6 yrs ago, I fell in LOVE!!  I love that there is a regimen for each type of skin concern, and that there is no guess work as to which product to use and when.  Everything is numbered for you!!  No one person has the same skin & concerns, so a regimen that targets either sensitivity, fine lines & wrinkles, dullness, acne, or just overall good skin health, just makes sense.



Rodan + Fields was created by Stanford-trained Dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, who use their over 30 yrs experience to formulate products that are innovative, easy-to-use and backed by scientific research.  They have a Multi-Med Therapy approach to their skincare, giving you the right ingredients in the right formulations, applied in the right order so you see real results.

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